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How to apply for new water service, wastewater service, and a required construction inspection permit for a new residential and/or commercial construction project to be built on a vacant lot on which there is no current water and/or wastewater service.

To apply for Water and/or Wastewater Service for new residential/commercial construction several steps must be completed in order to receive permanent water and wastewater service.

First, you must meet with the Emerald Bay Homeowners Association. This meeting is to ensure that your plans and specifications meet the requirements of the Emerald Bay Homeowners Association Rules and Restrictive Covenants. Please note that the HOA MUST APPROVE the property line offsets with regard to the location of all home foundations.

When the HOA approves your design, you will be issued a BUILDING PERMIT from the HOA. Please note the "Building Permit" that the HOA issues doe not authorize construction to begin. You will need to contact the EMERALD BAY MUNICIPAL UTILITY DISTRICT to obtain approval.

 New Construction Instructions The District will look at your plans and assist you in making sure that your home's foundation does not violate any water or sewer line easements. An actual site visit with the District representative and the builder/homeowner is usually necessary to establish the correct locations of water and sewer line locations and easements. These easements may be either recorded or implied depending on the length of time the lines have been in service. 

Once the EMERALD BAY MUNICIPAL UTILITY DISTRICT has established that there are no water or sewer line easement violations created by the new construction you will need to make an application for the following.

1) 1_Application for New Water and or Wastewater Service

2)Water Service Agreement

3) Wastewater Service Agreement

4) Authorization for Unpaid Obligations Letter    Authorization for Unpaid Obligations Signature Page

6) 6_Water Leak Policy

7) Seller's Notice-Emerald Bay MUD

8) Emerald Bay - District's Notice

Note: Failure to make an application before ht start of construction and paying all required fees/escrow costs could delay water and wastewater service activation.

Complete all six documents and bring them to the Emerald Bay MUD office at the following address:

Emerald Bay Municipal Utility District

155 La Salle Drive

Bullard, TX 75757

Phone: (903) 825-6960

Fax: (903) 825-7589


The District office is open Monday thru Friday, between 7:30 A.M. and 4:30 P.M. to apply for new services and pay the required fees.

Once the application for service has been completed, all fees are paid, and the "Construction Inspection Escrow Account" is funded, the District will grant TEMPORARY WATER AND WASTEWATER SERVICE and begin the process of tapping the District water and sewer lines to provide new service. In addition to the "Tap Fees", paid at application, any associated connection cost incurred by the District such as meters, excavation, boring, connection parts, and labor are billed by mail directly to the applicant, at actual cost (no markup) when service connections are completed and in service.

IMPORTANT NOTE: District rules allow (1) YEAR from the time of "Application for Service" to complete all Construction Inspections, CSI Inspections, and Backflow Test and Maintenance Reports on new construction. A homeowner/builder may request additional time to complete any required inspections by petitioning the Emerald Bay Municipal Utility District Board of Directors. Once all inspection documentation is completed, approved, and on file at the district office, PERMANENT WATER AND WASTEWATER SERVICE WILL BEGIN.

Please take a few moments to familiarize yourself with the Rates & Fees section and the Ordinances and Rules section of this webpage.

If you have any questions regarding this process or any other issue, please feel free to contact the District office directly.