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How to apply for new service and/or transfer of service from the Mallards Cove subdivision.

Although the Mallards Cove subdivision is NOT within the boundaries of the Emerald Bay Municipal Utility District it is within the (CCN) certified area. Residents who wish to connect to the Emerald Bay Municipal Utility District water and wastewater collection system may do so on a contractual basis after making an application to the District.

First, it is recommended that you review the Rates & Fees section before you make an application.

The next step is to apply to the Emerald Bay Municipal Utility District for TEMPORARY WATER AND WASTEWATER SERVICE.  You may wish to print the forms from this section, however, we recommend you contact our office to make arrangements to complete the required service packet for a smooth transfer of services. The water meter will not be installed or will remain locked until all paperwork has been completed and returned to our office.

Before permanent service is granted, the service address must have a Customer Service Inspection (CSI) performed by one of our approved inspectors. The cost of this inspection is $50.00 and will be due at the time of inspection. IF THE SERVICE LOCATION FAILS TO PASS THE CSI, IT MUST BE BROUGHT INTO COMPLIANCE WITH THE CURRENT STATE LAWS AND/OR LOCAL DISTRICT ORDINANCES FOR SERVICES TO CONTINUE. 

Additionally, any existing or new backflow devices required by the Customer Service Inspection (CSI) must be inspected and certified by a licensed inspector to be in proper working order. A separate Backflow Test and Maintenance Report is required for each backflow device, and the costs vary by an inspector.

CSI Inspections, Backflow Tests, and Maintenance Reports MUST be completed and on file at the District office within (30) THIRTY DAYS of application for services to continue. 

The application process for connecting a private residence to the District's water and wastewater system is outlined here: Mallards Cove Paperwork Instructions

If you are applying for NEW WATER AND WASTEWATER SERVICE, please click here to display a printable application Application for New Water and/or Wastewater Service

If you are applying to TRANSFER WATER AND WASTEWATER SERVICE, please click here to display a printable application Application for Transfer of Water and/or Wastewater Service

Select the correct "Application for Service" form from above and print it along with the following forms:

1) Water Service Agreement 

2) Purchaser's Notice-Emerald Bay MUD

3) Emerald Bay - District's Notice

4) Wastewater Agreement 

5) Customer Service Inspection Certificate 

6) Backflow Prevention Assembly Test and Maintenance Report 

7) Debit Authorization Form 

Complete all documents and bring them to the Emerald Bay Municipal Utility District office at the following address, Monday thru Friday, between 7:30 A.M. and 4:30 P.M. to apply for new services. All fees are due upon application.

Emerald Bay Municipal Utility District

155 La Salle Drive

Bullard, TX 75757

Phone: (903) 825-6960

Fax: (903) 825-7589

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are not a resident of the Emerald Bay Community, you must call the District office in advance of your visit. The District office will notify the Emerald Bay Security Gate to authorize your entry into Emerald Bay.

Please take a few moments to familiarize yourself with the Rates and Fees section and the Ordinances and Rules section of this webpage.

If you have any questions regarding this process or any other issue, please feel free to contact a District Office directly.